ASAVVI: Not your Everyday Brand

Profound, mesmerizing, depth of character, of higher spirit ­– ASAVVI is not your average clothing brand. There’s more to ASAVVI than nice threads and a creative logo. There’s a story…

A long time ago, long before the advent of computers and the virtual world of the Internet, there was an ancient method of writing used by the Egyptians. Hieroglyphics were the original pictograms; now made popular as a modern form of terminology on websites to convey a message through the use of pictures, without words.

ASAVVI was compelled to send out a message to all, sharing a brand of physically worn spiritual energy that transcends to the metaphysical world and soars through the virtual world.

Mere mortals can’t run their own lives “Who will give me wings,” I ask?

The triangular form, characterizing an Egyptian pyramid, is divided into two halves: an upper and lower. The lower half is constructed of three horizontal lines within the pyramid, diminishing in width as they move upward. They symbolize life’s challenges, and what it takes to accomplish your goals and realize your dreams:

  • Struggle and Conflict
  • Accepting the Challenge
  • Effort Taken in the Face of Challenge

The higher you climb, the shorter the steps become. Momentum builds.

The upper half of the pyramid is also depicted with three horizontal lines, but now they are on the outer sides of the triangle, symbolizing wings.

With these wings, you take flight.

With these wings, you’re transported to unimaginable heights.

With these wings, hardships, struggles and obstacles are overcome.

“If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.” Asavvi’s desire is that you experience growth as you climb the steps toward what may become some of your greatest and most fulfilling achievements.

Breaking the Code – Branding Our Mission

“The initial first step is always the most difficult, but it must be taken in order to initiate progress in whatever it is that you do.”

Overall, the meaning of ASAVVI is simple yet profound. The simplicity of the message should not be construed as easy though. Rising to the occasion is difficult and more often than not, not initiated. Looking down a long road, the first step can seem excruciatingly tough and painful, and especially overwhelming.

ASAVVI knows the power and energy of the thought, the word, the hieroglyphic, and the action. We encourage all to take the initiative.

Life is intricate. It needs to be broken down to fully comprehend. Break down the ASAVVI logo and you discover each letter – each a component of the whole – much like the integral parts of a life.

The energy behind your first step, the driving force that propels your spirit, the wings that help you soar…

ASAVVI – the apparel company that instinctively knows that how you feel on the inside reflects on the outside, and when you look good, you feel great!